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Assurance SERVICES

The business environment around the globe has elevated business and operational risks due to the increasingly complex and broadened regulatory requirements and stakeholder demands. We, at Exactitude, have been continuously striving to meet all of these demands to cater those risks. We provide a timely and highly efficient service to the management, a robust and clear communication to the audit committees and transparent information for your stakeholders and investors. We are a team of professionals with seamless integration with clients teams and supported by global and Indian proprietary models, tools and techniques for end-to-end solutions and services.

We have always offered our deep knowledge and insights to our client across the multiple sectors to meet the global multidisciplinary regulatory landscape with a commitment to the intensive and best quality by our experienced professional team.

We provide the following assurance services are:
¤ Audit of financial statements
Audit of financial statements by independent professionals are keys to the investor’s and stakeholder’s expectations. We offer services and team with pre-tested independence to match their expectations and bring transparency as a whole.  

¤ Accounting compliance and reporting
The new accounting and assurance standards are getting day-by-day introduced and converged with the global standards. The knowledge of these standards is vital to perform the quality services. We, at Exactitude, continuously endeavor to equip the team with the latest developments of accounting and assurance standards.  

¤ Financial accounting advisory
The mergers and acquisitions are the key drivers of the current business environments, which create the opportunities and synergies for the existing business growth. The business environment and markets are highly volatile these days. In such a volatile market, it is essential to capture all the risks in an M&A activities. We help you to identify and address such risks (including financial, tax, fraud, litigation) in an M&A.  

¤ Fraud Investigation services
Today, fraud risk has become a major concern for all organizations, irrespective of size and sector of operations. It is a major concern that can have a devastating impact on an organization’s bottom line, its reputation and even its continuity.   We, at Exactitude, can help detect and prevent fraud risk at your organization as our experience and methodologies are designed to sector and industry specific and can be further tailored as per your needs.  

¤ Compliance services
We can help you comply with a particular requirement and express an assurance on the related compliance.


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